The 2014 season is almost here! Why not JOIN US? New members always welcome!

Do you live in the Hamilton area and grow some of your own food?

Would you be interested in exchanging your surplus food with other local backyard vegetable gardeners – all for FREE? Please read on to find out how!


Question: How much produce do I need to contribute?
Answer: There is no "minimum" requirement. Whatever surplus you have to contribute from your garden is more than welcome here. We aren't keeping score of who contributes what, we are coming together to share what we have to offer with the rest of the WHPC community. Whether it's a bushel of apples, a handful of cherry tomatoes, or a shopping bag full of oregano, we're happy to receive it and spread it around!

Question: Do all members receive a bag of produce from each exchange?
Answer: No.  All members who make a contribution to that week's exchange receive a bag of  fresh, local produce. If you don't contribute to an exchange, you don't receive anything from that  exchange (unless you are volunteering to help sort and bag that week).  

Question: Can I donate my extra produce and not take a bag?
Answer: Definitely! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. 

Question: Can I drop off my produce before Saturday morning or pick it up later than Saturday afternoon?
Answer: I know this was a big issue for some people in our first season, so I am now offering a more flexible drop off/pickup schedule. You may drop off your produce Friday afternoon or evening, and pick it up as late as Sunday evening. I hope this will accommodate those who want to participate but are going to be out of town for all or part of the weekend. Please LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE if you are going to be dropping off on Friday or picking up on Sunday so I can plan accordingly.

Question: I forgot to respond to the email!  Can I still participate?
Answer: Sorry, but no.  I need to have an accurate idea of how many people will be participating  in a given exchange and how much produce they will be contributing for planning purposes. If you miss the Thursday email deadline you can either donate your harvest without taking a bag in return or we’ll just look forward to seeing you at the next exchange!

Question: I don’t live in West Hamilton, can I still participate?
Answer: Absolutely! As long as you are able to drop off and pick up your produce at the appointed time and location (near McMaster University) you're definitely welcome to be a member of our group.

Still have a question after reading this? Email me at